Thursday, 9 September 2010

Is Steven Hawking an undercover Christian?

This was a very interesting theory put to me today by an agnostic. You'll have to wait until I have time to write the bases of this person's theory up as I'm out tonight...... so WATCH THIS SPACE!


  1. It’s amazing the discussions you get into on the golf course!
    Is Stephen Hawking an undercover/closet Christian? Not the kind of question you expect from an agnostic you don’t really know that well! My answer of course was NO-how can someone who despises GOD and anything to do with Christianity be an undercover Christian?
    Well, this guy’s theory I suppose was based on the old adage “me thinks that he protesteth too much”. The gist of it is this: he reckons that Hawking’s postulations have become more and more absurd over recent years and is now at a point where he is actually discrediting the discipline of Science. He reckoned it was bad enough when Hawking recently declared that there was alien life out there but since he has advertised his latest work and has declared that there was no creator of the universe and that the new m-theory accounts for the birth of the universe... this is proof that his aim is to totally make scientific theory farcical and thereby promote belief in the existence of GOD and therefore promote Christianity. A VERY INTERESTING THEORY INDEED!!!
    Is this really Mr. Hawking’s mission in life……….is he the scientific word equivalent of the anti-Christ? All I can say is that the discussion was better than the golf!

  2. Sorry the golf was such a disappointment, but the chat was obviously intelectually stimulating. There has been much written and said in response to Mr Hawking's latest utterance, much of it pointing back to the even more basic question; if God was not necessary for the Big Bang since the multiverse was born from physical laws, then what role for God in this more fundamental act of creation?

    Maybe he really wants to find the answer to this question. I am reminded of a quote from Augustine of Hippo ( I think) who said " you would not seek me if you had not found me." Could it be that Hawking has indeed found since he keeps on seeking?

    I wonder what anyone else thinks?